About My Library

Books from The Folio Society currently make up the core of my post-retirement library. I started out with "regular" paperbacks and hardbacks before discovering The Folio Society. I have also purchased one or two books from each of Amaranthine Books, Suntup Editions and Zagava to get a feel for what these presses offer. I eagerly await their delivery.

When I was younger I read a lot of what I would describe as high quality literature from around the world. Now I am reading a broader range of books including non-fiction and crime fiction. I just read my first Stephen King book for example.

About Me

I am recently retired (2023) and am finally blessed with the time and energy to read as well as look for and collect beautiful books.

I read Folio Society Devotees and Fine Press Forum groups on LibraryThing daily and find them most interesting.