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DoorDash enables global spending with built-in controls and improves visibility.


DoorDash, a popular technology company that connects consumers with their favorite local businesses, serves 32 million monthly active users in 27 countries. In recent years, they’ve grown from a 100-person US startup to a worldwide powerhouse of around 16,000 global employees.


DoorDash had been using a few different cards and platforms to enable and manage their company spending. But as they grew globally and employee expenses increased, having multiple solutions became cumbersome — and the user experience wasn’t optimal.

DoorDash needed one integrated solution that would make it easy for the finance team to manage spending with global corporate cards and reimbursements. In addition, managers needed a proactive way to monitor spending vs. reviewing every transaction after the fact. And employees needed a more intuitive and delightful experience, no matter where they were located.

“We needed a better card and spend management solution to serve everyone faster and deliver a better experience for end users.”

— Josh Pickles, Head of Global Strategic Sourcing and Procurement, DoorDash


After exploring several providers, DoorDash chose Brex for corporate cards and expense management with an employee-first approach. “I tapped into my network to find out more about Brex and got great feedback,” Josh said. “Brex had good proof points from a technical and UX perspective, and we knew that we had found the right partner.”

Despite initial concerns about the typical complexity of implementing a global, enterprise solution, DoorDash has so far been very pleased with the fast and comprehensive implementation and change management support they’ve received from Brex. Brex is deploying a fully configured Empower solution for DoorDash and seamlessly transitioning their ERP, HRIS, and SSO integrations in a relatively short period.

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DoorDash is working to empower their US and global employees with Brex’s global spend solution, including card acceptance in 100+ countries, 24/7 customer support, local and USD currency visibility, and reimbursements in 4 days or less (instead of weeks). And the finance and travel teams now have a single, real-time view of global spending across cards, payments, and reimbursements.

DoorDash can easily pre-approve spending amounts for any purpose, such as travel or stipends, using Empower’s budgets and nested budgets with custom expense policies that are automatically enforced at the time of purchase for built-in control.

This unblocks employees, ensures compliance, and allows managers to only review exceptions — in fact, managers are on track to save hours a month on expense reviews. Plus, along with the ERP integration, the increased compliance has enabled DoorDash to close the books faster.

The Brex mobile app has also improved the user experience. Employees can access their virtual card to make purchases, check spending budgets or policies, request reimbursements, and add receipts in a few taps, from anywhere in the world.

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The Brex app has been a major gain for us in both user experience and efficiency for T&E. It’s easy for employees to understand where and how to spend, driving accountability from top to bottom,” said Josh.

DoorDash’s global teams are now positioned to move fast and do their best work with user-friendly financial tools behind them. “In this economic climate, flexibility and adaptability are more important than ever,” said Josh. “Having Brex enables us to make smart, strategic choices.”

“Traditional expense management requires you to chase money after it's been spent. Brex enables you to do the opposite — we’re clear about how money is being spent from the get-go.”

— Josh Pickles, Head of Global Strategic Sourcing and Procurement, DoorDash


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