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Feb 9, 2006
About My Library
I have about a billion bibles, but I haven't found them all.

Also, there's a collection of Russian books of varying sorts, mostly collected from church bookstores in St. Petersburg, but I'm too lazy to type that much in Cyrillic.
About Me
I'm a graduate student in Jewish studies, mostly modern stuff. Since I chose academia over a real job (as friends and family never fail to point out), and that requires a lot of "serious reading," I decided a long time ago that in my spare time I should be allowed to read whatever I want without shame. This often takes the form of airplane novels, fan fiction, mysteries of varying quality...

It was tempting to edit my library to make it more pretentious, but then I realized two things: (1) that's stupid, and (2) it's pretentious enough as it is.
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