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Jul 23, 2023
Real Name
Law Nguyen
About My Library

Most of the books I add are from one of the two libraries I go to. I own a minority of the books I add. I like young adult books the most but I sometimes read middle-grade and adult books as long as they are good.

About Me

Rating system:

One star: It was atrocious. The reasons behind this rating involve the plot, characters, worldbuilding or art. I didn't enjoy this at all, and it was a downright struggle to read.

Two stars: It was unenjoyable. The reasons behind this rating involve the plot, characters, worldbuilding or art, which I may have found annoying, confusing, problematic or depressing to read.

Three stars: It was okay or underwhelming but not too bad. There were some enjoyable parts, but the bothersome sections of the art, characters, plot and worldbuilding outweigh the positives here. It might've started great, but then it turned out to be a snoozefest or an irritating read, or I might have enjoyed it, but I've seen better books than that.

Four stars: It was likable, there weren't many flaws, and the art, characters, plot and worldbuilding made this an enjoyable read. The writing style contributed to this rating sometimes as well.

Five stars: It was enjoyable, well executed and did not disappoint. This book was superb from start to finish because of the excellent characters, art, writing style, worldbuilding and plot.

I am male.